Netflix streaming to Xbox 360 problems

I was thrilled to hear that Netflix is now streaming HD movies to Xbox 360 devices. So I upgraded our Netflix account and went through the process of connecting the two. That was super easy.

The first couple of days it worked great. But then we started to have connection problems.

When you first start a program it will test your connection speed. There’s a little bar diagram … you know, just like on your cell phone … and you get one to four bars. At the beginning we would get four bars and the program would start immediately.

Lately, no matter what time of day we try we might get one bar or we get no bars and a message saying “you’re internet connection is too slow”.

However, we have a Time Warner cable modem and doing a test shows our download time is about 6000 kbps and upload time is 900 kbps. Definitely fast enough for streaming video.

So after troubleshooting … rebooting everything, etc … and googling like crazy I called Netflix. It took about 7 minutes to get through to tier one support, then another ten minutes to get to tier two support. But they were extremely helpful and understanding about the problem.

Essentially, they said that they’re aware of the problem. And while the new service had driven an up-surge in traffic their servers were not yet even operating at 50%. So the congestion problem is happening somewhere between users and the servers. They said it doesn’t seem to be focused on any particular ISP. So in the meantime we just need to hang time and give them time to work it out.

I can’t wait. I love my HD tv. And I loved my Voom service (remember them?). But cable and satellite HD service just sucks ass. I’m hoping Netflix can fill our HD void.

Red ring of death

My xbox 360 has bitten the dust! I haven’t played Call of Duty 4 in about three days and now I’ll have to wait for probably another 20 days!!!

I’m already starting to get the sweaty shakes.

I was afraid the hardware was headed for this. Lately, I’ve been getting ‘disc unreadable’ errors with COD4. They were always random and I’d remove the disc and look at it and not see any problems. No scratches, minimal dust. So if the disc looks OK then the problem is probably with the drive.

Guess I have no excuse for procrastinating my job hunt now do I?