All about Chet … Hrmmm … Where to start?

I’m a traveler, a private pilot (not a private dancer), a writer, a photographer, a web programmer, and a gamer.

I have traveled and resided on three continents now. Born in North America (Texas) I moved with my parents to Asia (Saudi Arabia) in 1981. Just two years later I went to boarding school in Europe (Switzerland) until graduation. Then after getting married to the beautiful and talented Greta we moved to Asia together (Japan). Sadly, we were only there a year before returning to Texas.

My writing can be read here … um, yeah, there will be more …

My photography can be seen on Flickr.

I earned my private pilot’s license in September 2006 and am currently a member of the North Texas Flying Club based at McKinney Airport. You can take a look at my logbook if you like. I mostly fly high-wing aircraft like the Cessna Skyhawk (C172) or Cessna 152 so Greta and I can ogle the view below us. You’ll find several posts about my flight training and flying adventures on this site.

I’ve been a gamer since I was a kid, though before computers the games were all in my head. In high school my roommate had an Apple IIc on which we used to play Lode Runner. For a while I was absolutely insane for Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS9), but gave it up for the real thing. Now I have an XBox 360 and can’t stop playing multiplayer Call of Duty 4. Look for me online in the evenings, my handle is ‘airmanchet’. And no … I haven’t prestiged yet. I’m going for all the challenges first.

My trade is web programming. Currently I’m a ‘technical architect’ so I get to manage more than I actually program .. sigh. But when I do code I write a lot of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ASP.Net (usually VB, but occasionally C#), oh and SQL. I’ll be posting some programming tips I’ve learned through the years on this site as well.