The curve

A curled kittytail has never been such a beautiful sight. It has been nearly three weeks since Ya-chan suffered a spinal injury and loss the ability to control his bladder, his sphincter and his tail. At first his recovery was in tiny steps. Almost imperceptible day by day. But now each day is lightyears better than the one before. And now instead of a dead appendage following him around his tail is one again the lively, expressive tail it used to be.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us and turkeys nationwide cower in fear. Or are basting. After a quick vet trip this morning to get Ya-chan’s fluids topped up we stopped at Shipley’s for this beautiful box of donuts. Next up is coffee and watching last night’s sumo matches.


We finished watching the second season of Dexter (thank you Netflix) and I have to say I enjoyed it much more than the first season. Naturally, the first season had to set up the Dexter universe, however I think that the stories were a little too neat and tidy (like the Ice Truck Killer’s victims). It just seemed like Dexter was a little too unreal and all his problems were solved too easily.

In season two Dexter himself became way more real. It was actually exciting to see him come a little unhinged and unpredictable. The Lila character was a great addition and she really had a great effect on Dexter.

All that said … the ending was really disappointing. Of course we hope Dexter won’t get caught. But there’s nothing wrong with unfinished story lines. There’s nothing wrong with unanswered questions. However everything got wrapped up neat and tidy. A little too neatly and easily.

Why I love the internet

At work there is a Friday morning breakfast mafia of about 30 people. On a rotating schedule two to three people bring breakfast for the entire group on Friday. A couple of days ago I got an email from a member of the mafia asking if I’d like to join. “Sure,” I said.

Well, then on Thursday I got another email welcoming me to the group and showing the new schedule. Guess which Friday was mine? Yep, the very next Friday. Urp!

I decided that what I’d like for breakfast is good breakfast tacos or burritos so that’s what I volunteered to bring. Hrm this would have been easier in Austin; just go to Tamale House. I have no idea where to get good breakfast tacos in Dallas. I don’t want to get fast food crap from Whataburger or Taco Cabana. So I turned to Google.

A search for “richardson tx breakfast tacos” turned up several hits. Close to the top was a blog reviewing a restaurant named Taqueria El Fuego.

Turns out this place is very very close to my house. Perfect! There was a picture of the exterior of the restaurant (hosted on flickr) and on the sign is their phone number. So I called them up.

“Sure we can make you breakfast tacos. We open at 6 a.m.,” I was told.

The next morning I got up extra early. Drove over and picked up the tacos (with a side of chorizo … Mmmmmmmmm). Drove back home to put the garbage out (almost forgot again!). Then drove to work.

I didn’t actually see many people around. But checking on the breakfast table 15 minutes after leaving the tacos there one bag was empty and the other half empty. So I think they were a hit.

Turns out I should have known about this place. G’s friend M told us about it. El Fuego serves authentic Mexican food not Tex-Mex. And she told us we should go for dinner. Well now we are because the tacos were excellent. And it’s just around the corner. Can’t beat that.

New layout

Like my new theme? No, I didn’t make it. But I really like it … mainly because it’s fluid. The last theme was fixed width which meant on many computer screens there was a lot of wasted screen real estate.

lightning strike

Lightning just struck the high power lines in front of my house. We’re sitting here listening to the rain and watching the storm coverage on tv when there’s a bright flash … loud thunder … loud humming and a shower of sparks down onto the median and the road.

From the little I can see out the front windows it doesn’t look like a line is down but they’re swinging in the wind pretty crazily.

I think one benefit of having those tall steel high power line towers in front of the house is that it’s VERY unlikely lightning will ever strike the house.

The sparks were kind of pretty.

i’ll type over here now

Since I have a MacBook Pro I’m using Boot Camp to run Windows XP Pro on a separate partition. It performs really well except in two areas … 1) battery consumption and 2) processor usage. I have to admit the battery usage issues have gotten better but typically my battery just doesn’t last as long running Windows than when I’m running OSX.

But the processor usage issue really burns me up … so to speak. Running Windows taxes the processor enough that the MPB really heats up. More than usual. And I’m not using overly graphical programs .. usually Visual Studio and IE or Firefox and SQL Studio Express. Oddly enough, this doesn’t happen if I run my Windows partition in emulation using Parallels.

It’s gotten so bad that today I went and bought Apple’s wireless keyboard. It’s beautiful … extremely thin … very light … small … I’ll be able to pack it in my laptop bag. I’ve only had it for three hours and I already can’t live without it.

Red ring of death

My xbox 360 has bitten the dust! I haven’t played Call of Duty 4 in about three days and now I’ll have to wait for probably another 20 days!!!

I’m already starting to get the sweaty shakes.

I was afraid the hardware was headed for this. Lately, I’ve been getting ‘disc unreadable’ errors with COD4. They were always random and I’d remove the disc and look at it and not see any problems. No scratches, minimal dust. So if the disc looks OK then the problem is probably with the drive.

Guess I have no excuse for procrastinating my job hunt now do I?